Saturday, 2 January 2010


2010 is going to be about staying positive. I've recently realised how much of a pessimist I actually am. There was a lot of 'I can'ts' or 'I'll never be able to do/look like/achieve that's' going on in my head without me even noticing. And believe me, they weren't getting me anywhere.

Staying positive isn't always an easy task. Like anything it's easier said than done. It takes that little bit more effort to shout down the 'I can'ts' than to just blindly accept the negative thoughts.

Apart from staying positive, when I get back to Uni I'm going to join the student bike scheme. I've always wanted a bike but could never really afford the hefty price tag and this scheme allows you to enjoy cycling for just £1 a week. How good is that? It'll be a great way to keep fit as it's something that I enjoy which is the key to success in exercise. And Manchester has some pretty good cycle lanes.

But before I get back to uni I have to finish all of my work that's due in on the first week of term...


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