Tuesday, 25 July 2017

10 Reasons NOT to go Travelling

British Passport and foreign money flatlay

While we know that everyone’s Instagram feed is just a highlight reel, there’s nothing to stop that pang of jealousy happening when you see another photo of a perfect beach scene, or another amazing sunset in some distant location that’s thousands of miles away from your dreary office.

Not many people like to reveal the not-so-nice parts of travelling. Mainly because who wants to remember being delayed in an airport for five hours or having their passport stolen? I, however, believe that there’s nothing better than a good moan and that sometimes shit things can happen even if you’re in the most beautiful of locations.

So, here’s a warts and all view at some of the reasons you might just want to stay at home. Some of which may or may not be based on some of my own experiences...

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