Wednesday, 24 June 2009

40s and 60s styles

At the moment I'm working as a waitress / bar staff in a hotel in Haworth (where the Bronte sisters lived) and last week the Haworth Traders Association put on a 60s weekend, where basically the whole village dressed up 60's style. All of the shops were decorated and there was a parade of 60s vehicles down the street. It was just basically a weekend to boost tourism. Anyway, I decided to join in the fun and go the whole hog and here are the results.

I bought a white shift dress from the sale in Dorothy Perkins which was such a good find.
I'm sure I only paid £15 for it. Win. It was a bit impractial for pulling pints and I did end up giving a few people an eyeful bending down for things on the bottom shelf. Woops. I was wearing MASSIVE white knickers though for security purposes.

For my hair and makeup I followed Pixiwoo's Girls Aloud The Promise Video Tutorial on YouTube. It was really easy to follow and I just used the makeup I already had. I've well and truly run out of liquid eyeliner now though. Excuse the tum and fat arm.

Yes, this is in my bathroom but it's the only full length mirror in my house. And I had to use my phone because my camera is currently running on empty. The big white earrings are from Claire's at a sweet £3.

I love how big my eyes look, I guess that's exactly the point.

- Clinique superbalanced in Alabaster 27
- Twofaced blusher

Crease - 17 Glitter Eyeshadow in Darkness
Lids - 17 Glow Eyeshadow in Style Queen
Liner - Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Lashes - Cosmo
Mascara - Benefit BAD gal Lash (the one free with this month's Glamour >.<)
Excuse the drugstore brands, I just had to work with what I already had *^o^*

In May we also had a 40s weekend. lol. This hairstyle was a lot harder to achieve but it made me feel really girly which I enjoyed.

This picture is slightly edited to make it look more like those iconic 40s poster prints you see around in vintage shops :) I did have bright red lipstick on before but it had rubbed off by the time I took this photo.


  1. awww wow you look gorgeous!!<3
    wish i could pull that off!

  2. You look great... love the dress and make up!


  3. haha thanks :D
    that's the most volume my hair has ever had.

  4. I love the blog. Good work with everything and I hope to see more :D

  5. Your hair+ makeup looks amazing!! You can pull off an Edie any day!!!


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