Monday, 31 December 2012

Here's to you, 2012

2012 has been a pretty great year for me. I handed in one beast of a dissertation, graduated from uni, took a trip to Paris and then holidayed in Spain, completed two weeks work experience at a publishing house in London and landed my first graduate job in social media. Obviously there have been low points of 2012 as well, but let's focus on the positives and look forward to 2013 :)

Here's a little selection of some photos from 2012 that I thought captured the spirit of the month. Enjoy!

And my New Year's resolution? Give blood! Eeep! If you have any words of wisdom/comfort on this then please let me know. I think my blood type is O negative so I really need to get donating!


  1. I'm hoping I will be in Disneyland Paris come 2013 - although that hoping may come to nothing haha (: Lovely photos of your year and giving blood is really nothing to worry about. I don't think it hurts and the nurses are always really nice and calming. And you get free biscuits. And tea. And sometimes crisps if you're lucky. What's not to like? (:xx

    1. I did enjoy Disneyland, although a bit of the magic had faded a bit I must admit!

      Yep, hopefully it will be a nice experience with biscuits! :) xx

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing year Emma. And your new years resolution is amazing. Shame you don't live more local as I could go with you if you're worried as I go as often as I can.

    It's really not that bad and the people at the centres are always so lovely. The most discomfort you will feel is literally a slight scratch for a moment. Well worth it in my opinion. :)

    Hope your 2013 is amazing.
    Chris x

  3. I really enjoyed this post, your pictures are gorgeous! Xx

  4. You went to Disneyland Paris? Oh I'm so jealous. I went in 2008 with my boyfriend Phil and we would really love to go back, but it's just so expensive for a few days. xx

  5. Hi lovely, thanks for your comment on my post :) Your pictures are beautiful and capture a nice year! Good luck with giving blood, I don't think I could do it myself, eep. x

  6. Hey, looks like a great year! Lovely pictures, and I'm totally jealous of your sausage (chortle chortle)

    Good resolution too. It's really not as scary as you would think - or maybe I'm just 'ard as nails, who knows. It's a vaguely uncomfortable and not particularly enjoyable experience but it doesn't exactly hurt. I have 'very poor veins' (actual words that were written on my chart one time) and so it's quite tricky for the nurses to get blood from me, so if I can suffer through that ordeal and still say that it's an alright experience, you should be fine! You'll get a free biscuit and a cuppa, too, and then you'll feel all good about yourself :)

  7. This 2012 recap is great and the photos are beautiful! It definitely looks like you had a nice year!

  8. Hey, I love this post! I've nominated you for a Liebster award.. Check it out :) xx

  9. i love how youve set out this post, the photos look really pretty. newest follower for sure!!- jade xxx


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