Sunday, 23 June 2013

Barratts Sandal Wedges Review

A few weeks ago Barratts shoes kindly sent me a pair of sandals to review. Now, I'd like to say that the reason behind this massive delay is because I wanted to really test them out before giving them a review, but really I have just been super busy. However, yesterday was the perfect opportunity to take some lovely pictures in my somewhat overgrown garden.

I don't think I ever lost faith in Barratts. They were always the go-to trusty shoe shop that reminded me of those Hush Puppies foot measuring machines that we all used as kids. Plus, they have the Big Shoe Boutique, which is always good when you have size 8 feet with no arches.

I opted for these gorgeous strappy peep toe wedge sandals, which thankfully go up to a size 8. Now, I don't often wear heels as I'm already 5ft 10 and can sometimes look like a demented T-rex when I try to walk in them, BUT wedges are my friend and I find them easier to manage. Plus, I'm going to take them on holiday with me, as everyone is a bit more daring with their outfit choices on holiday, right? Thankfully my boyfriend is also tall, so I don't tower over him and feel like an oaf.

I've worn these wedges quite a few times now, and they're actually quite comfy. The thick wedge helps with this I think and the fact that my feet feel quite secure with all the straps over them. Size wise, the length is fine, but I found that they were a bit too wide in places and some of the straps gape a bit. I do have very skinny feet, so this may be why, but it's not too much of a problem as the ankle straps keep everything secure.

Overall, I think these sandals are fab and show how well Barratts combine fashion, quality and comfort.  I can't wait to wear them with floaty summer dresses and a tan. I think it's easy to head straight to Topshop or Office when you want a wedge or heel like this and forget about all the usual high street shoe stores that are really picking their game up when it comes to 'fashion shoes'. A big thumbs up from me!

And here's a nice picture of a peg.


  1. Love the sandals. Haven't given barratts a look for a while. Seems I've been missing out! Cute pictures!

    Rebecca at My Pretty Yorkshire Life. Member and owner of Yorkshire Bloggers

  2. Great post, love it :)

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