Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Marina & the Diamonds

Me and my flatmate Jack went to see Marina & the Diamonds at The Deaf Institute in Manchester last night. It was a sold out gig but we luckily managed to get our hands on some tickets by hanging around the entrance selling our souls.

It was such an amazing and intimate gig. Definitely worth the extortionate price that we paid to get in. Here are some pics from the night:

Me copying Jack's silly posing.

She has the most amazing voice live. It was such a good performance even though she admitted to being 'very hungover'. You couldn't tell one bit :)

'Obsessions' is probably my favourite song along with 'Seventeen.' I'm so glad that I got to see her at this point in her career, as this is most likely the last gig she'll do with such a small capacity. She's already sold out Manchester Academy in May and that's literally a hundred times bigger venue than this one.

After the gig had finished we managed to catch up with some of the supporting musicians.

That's the drummer and the bass player. And then I got a bit embarrassed because Jack wouldn't stop taking bloody photos and tried to get them to tell him their last names so he could add them on Facebook.

It was one of those nights that you think is going to be an absolute failure but turns out to be pretty amazing. I love Manchester.


*Oh and Kate yes I am wearing your necklace remind me to return it to you when I'm next home! :)

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  1. I bet the gig was totally worth it eh! Ive only started listening to her recently but the album is brilliant. What a strange video... I couldnt stop watching to see what she was making - its so pretty at the end! :)

    The header is my little creation indeed, im pretty rubbish with photoshop but im getting there slowly! Haha aw she totally pulls it off though eh :) xx


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