Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Thanks AMC Cinemas!

In my post about The Lovely Bones I told you that I complained about the temperature of the screen that we were sat in to the manager via email. Well guess what? We got free tickets to a showing of our choice! :D

Thanks AMC Cinemas!

I once complained about a KitKat that had no biscuit wafer in it and I got a cheque for £3 from Nestle. haha.

Have you ever complained about something and got free things? :)



  1. Perhaps you should try to push it one step further, and reply with another email to the manager at AMC informing them that two tickets to another showing aren't enough to make up for the hardships you suffered. Will they even turn the thermostat down for your so-called 'apology' viewing? I doubt it.

    PS put my name on the bottom of the email, and tell them to email me my tickets.

  2. @Moose haha. I'm hoping that they're going to turn the thermostat up if anything. It was freezing.

  3. Haha, good on you! I remember when I was little, sugerpuffs were giving away free goosebump 3D bookmarks and I didnt get one in my box of cereal :( So I wrote a polite letter to Mr Quaker (with the help of my gran) and I got such a nice letter back and every bookmark in the collection! And a voucher for a free box of cereal from the quaker range. Haha, score ;)

    Thats so cool about your friends mum by the way! Thats pretty legendary. Id be well chuffed if that was my mum :) xx


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