Sunday, 28 March 2010

Mini Hauls

I popped into town and picked up a few various things the other day. Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

Emma Bridgewater Photo Album £3.99 WHSmith Sale
I had to buy this photo album as it was in the sale down from £7.99. I hate how nobody prints off photographs anymore. There's something about holding a photograph in your hand that I like :)

Elle Magazine with Elle's Best High Street Buys Spring/Summer
Now I don't normally buy Elle. When I buy magazines I tend to buy either really trashy ones like Heat or maybe Glamour or Cosmopolitan, but I've been thinking about Spring fashion lately and this was a perfect purchase for that purpose (try saying that quickly).
It also had a really good article about sexism by Lucy Mangan, who writes for The Guardian. Definitely thought provoking. We might have moved on from the days when women couldn't even dream of holding down the same type of jobs as men, but sexism is still around, albeit in a different guise. Heck, I even went to a house viewing and was told by the agency guy before entering that 'it had a great kitchen, which the girls will love'. I'm sorry, but excuse me? All of a sudden I found myself stood by the sink with an apron on, elbow deep in dishes, waiting for my darling husband to come home from work.
But perhaps more worrying is the fact that there's only a 7% conviction rate for rape. How scary is that? So that even if you're brave enough to report a rape there's only a 7% chance that they'll get caught and convicted.
Anyway, I think I'll definitely be purchasing Elle again it had a good balance between fashion and interesting articles.

Moleskin Notebook £14.99
Gasp. That was a lot of money for a notebook, but it's so lovely. Slightly pretentious but I'm sure I'll survive. The brand has a lovely history and the paper is lovely to write on.

Floral Washbag £2.50 Boots
I'm a sucker for anything floral. I love a good Cath Kidston rip off. I do own some of the genuine stuff, but things like this are a good substitute especially at that price!

Exfoliator Gloves £2.00 Boots
Perfect for my back, which has become quite blemish prone recently. Need to get it into shape for all of the lovely Spring clothes I have planned!

Ipod Touch
Ok, I can't bear to write down how much this cost. Not because it was expensive, but because I really shouldn't have bought it. I previously owned a pink iPod nano 2nd gen and wanted to update, so I had been lurking around eBay for a while but most of them were going for like £130 anyway, which isn't that much of a difference from the RRP. So I went into the Apple shop, handed over my old nano and got 10% off the price of this lovely iPod Touch. I'd like to pretend that I have an iPhone, and apparently there's an app for that. haha.

This weekend I've started watching Mad Men. Someone suggested that I should watch it and now I'm hooked. It's already on series 3 so I had to dig around on the internet and stream it from online. It's basically just about a group of men who work for an advertising company in America, but then it mainly focuses on the lead guy Don and his wife. I love the fashion of 50s/60s America :)

Hope everyone's having a good weekend anyway. It's nice and sunny :)


  1. Hi, Just come across your blog and its lovely. I will now follow with interest. I also study English at Uni but am in my second year. Love the photo album btw.. come along to my blog sometime and say hi liza xx

  2. Just wondering, do you get your pictures professionally printed or do you print them yourself to add a personal touch?
    Just got a new photo album also and REALLY want to get into making it into a bit of a scrap book :) So id be interested to know :)
    Take a look at my blog?? xox

  3. You could've bought my bloody iPod Touch you bloody loser :-P xx

  4. @K4TYBELLE you couldn't sound more Yorkshire if you tried :P


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