Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Head vs Heart

When my first year at university was coming to a (ridiculously early) end in April this year, me and my fellow course mates were left with the decision of what to do with our extensively long summer. Whilst I wrestled with the idea of Camp America, and changed my mind quite a few times, my best friend chose to be an au pair in Milan, Italy for a few months looking after two young boys in a trilingual(?!) household.

Since being home I've got a summer job in a jewellers in my town, and spent the rest of my free time not really doing much worthwhile, apart from a copious amount of reading. As my job isn't full time and has rather casual hours I'm faced with too much free time. Yes, that's right too much free time. It seems that too much of a good thing also refers to things you can't eat/buy/spend. Although you could argue that you can spend and buy time...

Anyway, my friend who is currently in Milan, has asked me to come over for a week whilst the boys she is looking after are away for a week with their Dad. The question is: do I go and spend money I should be saving for rent on flights and lovely Italian food, or do I stay at home and not have to have the awkward conversation of asking for time off work when I've only just started? The sensible thing would be to stay at home and save the money, but that's also the easy option, because it involves doing nothing on my part.

I guess it is really one of those once in a life time opportunities (que cliché cringe), but when will I ever get the chance to just rush off to Italy no strings attached and not have to pay for accommodation in such a beautiful city as Milan? BUT I just absolutely hate those type of confrontations with employers or anyone who is above me when you have to ask for something that you're to not too sure you're allowed. I also feel bad causing an inconvenience when they've taken a chance employing me. I like to be reliable, but I also want to be able to stand up for myself and do something pretty damn cool.

I did once have a VERY awkward conversation over the phone with an old employer about taking time off for my birthday, when I'd just had 3 weeks sick leave after an operation. Oh god, it was so awkward. But I wangled my way our of working/told them there was no way I was working on my birthday and they still gave me shifts to work over Christmas, hurrah! I guess that should be point positive that I should go for it! Eeeep. £170 return flights to Milan here I come!

(Ok, maybe that last photo is a cafe in Venice not Milan, but who's keeping note?) :P

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  1. I say go for it... as for being worried about asking for time off why don't you offer to do extra hours when you get back to make up for it??


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