Friday, 8 June 2012

Life On The Strand

Well, getting up at half seven every morning is killing me. I'm kind of glad that it's only been a three day week, I don't think I could have lasted much longer. I did work full time for a while before I went to uni, but my hours were 12 - 7pm so I didn't really feel the pain of dragging myself out of bed at the crack of dawn every morning (well, sometimes it was painful).

My first day didn't start off too well as I went to the wrong reception desk and then the right reception took about half an hour to get in touch with someone from the office, as the person's name who I'd been given wasn't in that day. This made me extra nervous, and the receptionist kept asking me to spell my last name for her which got a bit tedious. Sometimes I hate having a weird last name just for that fact. People panic when they're presented with something a bit foreign and I can tell they're thinking 'OH GOD HOW DO I SPELL THAT?' Although I'd probably do the same in their position to be honest.

I finally got into the building (success!) and I was given a grand tour of the building (it's massive). I don't know how much I can say in terms of the stuff I've actually been doing, but it's been pretty interesting seeing how a book comes together and taking a look at all the different ways a work is publicised. The photocopier is now my best friend and I've probably contributed to deforestation in some way. Captain Planet would not be happy. Sorry nature.

My second and third days were a little easier because I know most of the team's names now and know where the main things are - post room, storage room, kitchen, free cakes and books room. You know, that sort of thing... *chomps on cake whilst leafing through War and Peace* Now I don't have to ask questions every two minutes, I feel like I'm actually contributing something rather than getting in the way. It must be a bit annoying having to show a new person every two weeks what to do. But it is free labour. Ha!

In terms of sightseeing and things like that, today I wandered around the London Eye and Parliament Square which was very pretty. Although the grandeur of the Houses of Parliament did made me a little bit angry, as it just made me think about all the posh Eton boys sat inside deciding which local library to shut next whilst rubbing their hands with glee. Urgh. I promptly rode the tube back to the flat afterwards.

Which reminds me that the tube is robbing me blind. Well, perhaps not blind, as every barrier I pass through kindly reminds me how much I have left on my oyster card. -10p people, -10p. I have no idea how I've managed to go into minus numbers. Is someone going to chase me down for 10p? I'm clearly living on the edge.

Tomorrow I'm going to sleep in (yay!) and then see if I can buy some last minute tickets to a theatre show somewhere. Mind have a wander down Covent Garden as well. Lovely stuff :)

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  1. I feel your pain with the surname thing. People hear my name and panic (ooh foreign). The funny thing is, it's spelled exactly how it should be pronounced but english people make it way harder, lol. It was even said wrong at my graduation! Hope you're having a good time at your placement and getting to grips with London life :) x


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