Sunday, 3 June 2012

You sound like you're from Lanndannn

I'm here, I've made it to London for my two week work placement. Hurray! I'm not sure whether many people will be interested in my escapades down here, but I thought it would be nice to keep some sort of journal of my time in London. After all, 'what better way to share my private thoughts than to broadcast them on the internet'...

My placement doesn't start till Wednesday, but I wanted to avoid the bank holiday crowds so I booked my train for today (Sunday) which allows me some time to get my bearings. My train left at 14:55 and took just over two hours to get into London as it only had a few stops. I'd reserved a table seat but I'd forgotten just how awkward it is sitting straight across from a stranger when you can't help but look at them now and again because, you know, they're straight across from you and just THERE. And then there'd be times when she'd see me looking, and I'd think, 'Oh god, she thinks I'm crazy' and quickly look away, but then that probably made me look even madder. These are the socially awkward situations which I suffer through every day... But apart from that, everything was fine. Well, apart from the creepy guy across the aisle who kept staring at me, so that I had become part of a crazy staring circle thing, and nobody knew where to look and it was all very awkward and all so terribly British. I was also living in fear that the train conductor wasn't going to accept my ticket, because I'd cut up the card I'd used to buy them as it had expired. I'd sellotaped it back together just in case, but he didn't even ask to see it, thankfully. It did look quite pathetic.

Getting the tube wasn't too bad either, except that the Northern line has so many different branches I thought I was going to end up in the wrong place, and the underground still reminds me a little bit of the film Creep. Someone carried my suitcase up the stairs for me though, which was nice. I was too tired to care whether he was being sexist or not so I just thanked him at the top. It was probably more due to the fact that I got to the bottom of the stairs and groaned 'OH GOD' than anything else. Ha. My lovely friend was waiting for me at the gates to take me to her friend's flat where I shall be staying for the next two weeks, which is just a short walk from Archway. I dropped off my stuff, had a cup of tea, and then we headed down the road to a pub for some dinner. I think they were supposed to be having an outdoor Jubilee barbeque, but as it was raining there was no one outside and there was just one cold looking chef stood next to a barbeque under an umbrella. I felt quite sorry for him, poor guy! Apparently they usually have quite a large menu, but this time they had a special 'Jubilee Menu' which only had a few things on it. The portions were still massive though. We were both pretty tired after dinner so we just headed back to the flat.

I've unpacked a few things and now I'm going to settle down and watch The Apprentice final on iPlayer. Hurray for London! I think we're heading to Covent Garden tomorrow or something, but we shall see. I've only been here a grand total of three times so I'm sure there's plenty for me to see.


  1. Best of luck with your placement! I would be absolutely lost in London as I've only been two or three times too. Can completely relate to the train situation as well, it's more the where do I put my legs thing that bothers me, so difficult having long legs and trying to fold them around the person opposite you! (: x

  2. Hahaha I completely agree with the sitting across the table from someone thing! So awkward :P I hope youre enjoying your placement :)


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