Sunday, 10 June 2012

Moomin Valley

Yesterday I went to Covent Garden to have a mooch around the shops and I found the Moomin Shop. I'd been meaning to find out where it was all week, so it was really nice to just stumble across it. It's in the main market building and you have to climb some wooden stairs to get to it. There's even a few Moomin characters to see along the way. It was so cute inside as well with all the stuffed toys and wooden bookshelves. I used to watch The Moomins on TV before school and I remember reading some of the books when I was younger. I think my favourite character was Snufkin because it was always a big deal when he was back in town. I wanted to buy so much, but I limited myself to a tote bag and a card for Father's Day.

I had a look around the rest of the markets and then went to a fancy chocolatier for a present for my dad, where I was given a free truffle for myself (wahoo!) I also picked up a small present for my friend from a homeware-y type shop as she turns 22 next week. Then I picked up a dress from Oasis which may be my graduation dress, but I haven't decided yet. They were having a 20% off sale so that kind of persuaded me, but I'm still not 100% sure I'll keep it. I think it's a bit too summery and floaty and not tailored enough for a graduation dress, but we'll see.

THEN I WENT TO SEE THE LION KING AND IT WAS AMAZING AND I WAS ON THE FRONT ROW AND I ALMOST CRIED WHEN IT STARTED IT WAS THAT GOOD. Phew. So that was emotional. I'd managed to get tickets the night before from for £50 down from £65. It took me a while to find a site I trusted as I didn't want to get ripped off. This one was listed on the STAR (Secure Tickets from Authorised Retailers) website or something, so I knew I'd be ok. The performance was so amazing with all the puppetry and scenery, it really was a spectacle in the truest sense of the word. However, I think it's hard to separate the Disney film from the show when it's the same story and they share the same songs, so that you can't help but compare it all the way through. Apart from that it was amazing. Scar was suitably evil, and Mufasa was the great king we all know and love. I went home very happy.

Today I went to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts with my friend Harriet. It was nice to see her again and it was nice having some company whilst doing some more London sightseeing. There were so many piece of art to look at, it was just as amazing as it was overwhelming. It was lovely to see the work of new artists next to those who are well known in the art world. Most of the pieces were up for sale as well, so it was nice to be able to see which ones had been bought. Some people have quite a different taste to mine! We broke for lunch and went to Wagamama's where I had chicken katsu curry (standard). We nipped back in to look at the last few rooms (they don't normally let you in and out, but I think we charmed the guy on the desk) and then went to the gift shop where I bought Wreck This Journal, which is basically a journal that lists a different way to 'wreck' it on each page. One of the first few tasks is to break the spine of the book, and even that made me cringe! The whole idea is to stop being so scared of making mistakes and start being a bit more creative and experimental. It should be really fun.

Back to the grindstone tomorrow. Although I'm not really doing anything that taxing at the moment, I think it's just the idea of getting up early which makes me want to curl up in bed and never come out. Last week in London!


  1. As you already know thanks to our twitter convo SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE MOOMINS. I always loved Moominmamma with her little handbag. (: Sounds like you've had a very busy weekend and a busy week to come! I'm hoping to see Wicked next year in London so I'm gonna keep that site in mind for future last minute tickets! xx

  2. Aww I'm so jealous! I'm dying to see the Lion King in theatre! And I'm yet to try the chicken katsu from wagamama's! My friends hate me for being so late in life! Love the post! xx


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